Dell Inspiron Laptop Blue Screen Of Death BSOD

This was a tough one to crack, but we found the cause anyway. Originally client told us it would sometimes boot into Windows and sometimes it won’t. Most times it will cause a blue screen, then reboot. It got suck in a loop and eventually never boot into Windows.

Did the client have a backup? No. No problem.

Upon inspection of the BSOD it looked like a software driver causing it to crash about an AMD ATI onboard graphics card. To make things simple and smooth for the client we advised on 2 different quotes. 1st attempt a software repair, if fails, attempt 2nd quote which is data recovery. If software attempt wouldn’t fix the issue, a hardware issue most likely a graphic card which is quite common on this family of laptops with dedicated AMD or NVIDIA graphics card. Client was happy to know best and worst outcome before hand.

We first attempted to repair the faulty drivers file and yes, it did fix the issue. But something wasn’t right, the performance of the computer wasn’t normal. Diagnosing the RAM, hard drive ruled out the slow performance issues.

We decided to stress test the motherboard components, especially the graphics card. Upon running a benchmarking application, after 2 hours, bang. The screen went all funny and wouldn’t come back to normal. This told as graphic card is faulty. Due to it’s age, not recommended to repair as it’s beyond economic value.

We did a full data recovery and gave it back to our client who was most satisfied not to lose any data and proceed to replace the laptop with a new model.