Hard Drive Failure on iMac Computer without Backups

For some time the iMac computer has been running slow and getting slower over time and the client didn’t mind it until it refused to reboot one day coming back to work. Causing 2 days of downtime which could have been avoided.

Hard drive has developed bad sectors on key areas of the hard drive causing it not to start and go into a reboot loop after failing to start.

Luckily we were able to clone the old hard drive to a new SSD. We hoped to straight away boot from the new SSD but unfortunately the OS X installation had become corrupt and wouldn’t boot.

Also attempted repair install and upgrade OS X 10.10 to High Sierra 10.13 failed to install as the installation was beyond repair.

No matter, we were able to a new clean install OS X High Sierra 10.13 and do all the updates. Manually restore the user account along with their applications and settings.

Upon delivering and installing the iMac computer back to client, we also setup Time Machine Backup, restore emails and printer settings.