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  • Apple MacBook & iMac Repair Services
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Laptop & Tablet Repair Services
  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
  • Remote Support Services
  • Mobile Phone Repairs
  • Internet, Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Data Recovery, Transfer & Backup Services
  • Cloud Storage & Data Security Services
  • Servers & Maintenance

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Excellent service. Revived my failed PC. Recovered my backup files. Kept me informed of the progress. Promptly resolved fault at reasonable price. Wou...

Brian Chung, Gladesville


Sure Can Do. I found Serkan was very professional in helping me sort out the problems with my computer. Very fast and efficient service at a reasonabl...

Maurice Cracknell, Gladesville


I had a remote user technical call a week ago to fix an issue. It was evident that my computer was very slow. An SSD upgrade was suggested, I delivere...

Nicholas Gibson, Gladesville


Great person to deal with. Very friendly and professional. Helped me with my phone and really knows his stuff...

Emmanuel Loukis, Gladesville


Serkan is number one person for computer's and mobile phone experts also software technologies he knows what he doing. Most importantly his a honest...

Md Masum Alam, Gladesville

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  • Apple MacBook & iMac Repair Services
    • Logic board repairs
    • Cracked LCDs replaced
    • Faulty keyboards replaced
    • Trackpad & keyboard not responding
    • WiFi chip repair
    • Batteries replaced
    • Liquid damage repairs
    • Data recovery & transfers
    • Recover from wheel of death errors
    • Graphic card repair
    • Hard drive & RAM upgrades
    • Password reset and removal
    • Firmware password reset
    • iCloud & Find My Device lock removal
    • And much more, send your inquiry!
  • Computer Repair Services
    • Remove viruses, malware & spyware
    • Fix BSOD crashes, blue & black screen of death errors
    • Fix Windows 10 Update issues
    • Troubleshoot Windows not starting problems
    • Fix Start-up repair, missing or corrupted DLL files, NTLDR missing error, blue screen errors, black screen errors, cannot log in to user profile, forgotten windows log-in password, etc.
    • Troubleshoot power issues
    • Fix & repair boot problems
    • Fix slow running computers & random crash
    • Clean & maintain PCs, laptops & servers
    • Resolve overheating and loud fan noise issues
    • Replace failing components
    • Recover data from failing computers
    • Upgrade hard drive to SSD
    • Upgrade RAM, Graphics Card & CPU and other components

  • Laptop & Tablet Repair Services
    • Remove virus and spyware
    • Remove ransomware attacks
    • Improve speed and performance of laptops
    • Repair broken screen, touch screen and LCDs
    • Fix blue screen of death errors on laptops and notebooks.
    • Troubleshoot Windows not starting problems
    • Fix Mac start up failures
    • Repair backlight, dark screen and flickering issues
    • Replace or repair laptop keyboards
    • Charging problems & DC Jack repairs
    • Supply parts such as chargers, adapters and components
    • Repair motherboard & logic board
    • Repair faulty and burnt Integrated Circuits
    • Troubleshoot laptops and notebooks not turning on
    • Replace laptop hard drives, SSD, RAM, CD/DVD drive, battery, power adaptor.
    • Fix USB ports, Audio jacks, charging ports issues
    • Liquid damage repairs
    • Resolve noise, dusty, over-heating issues
    • Recover data from laptops
    • Upgrade notebooks, laptops, system maintenance and optimisation, boost speed and performance and much more.

  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
    • Clean virus infections
    • Restore original home & search engine settings
    • Remove restrictive policies and bad firewall rules caused by infections
    • Clear all kinds of Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Adware
    • Install & supply security software
    • Remove browser hijacks, injected browser advertisements.
    • Detect and resolve root kits
    • Restore Windows security settings
    • Restore Windows Updates
    • Restore permissions and factory defaults
    • Fix OS X infections and injections
    • Resolve redirects and hosts file infections
    • Backup & restore personal data
    • Wipe and factory reset computers and laptops

  • Remote Support Services
    • Save time and call for immediate remote support
    • Resolve network issues
    • Diagnose problems remotely before onsite visits
    • Remotely remove virus infections
    • Resolve basic problems quickly and effectively
    • No need to carry your device to our store or require onsite visit
    • Fix software problems remotely instantly
    • Watch as we fix through your computer issues
    • Affordable rates

  • Mobile Phone Repairs
    • Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & other Android mobile phone repairs
    • Apple iPad, Samsung Tabs & other Android tablet phone repairs
    • Cracked screens and touch screens are repaired
    • Batteries replaced on mobile phones & tablets
    • Water & liquid damage repair
    • Data recovery from damaged or not starting devices
    • Data transfer from old to new phones
    • Troubleshoot software issues
    • Clean viruses and ads from popping up
    • Secure your device to prevent hacks and infections
    • Fix charging issues
    • Fix non responsive screens
    • Motherboard logic board repairs
    • Fix speakers, vibrators, camera lenses
    • Fix Apple boot loops and stuck logo start screens

  • Internet, Network Setup & Troubleshooting
    • Install modem & router. 4G/5G, NBN, ADSL2+, Cable
    • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
    • Speed up & improve WiFi connection speeds
    • Setup network devices such as printers
    • Configure & troubleshoot emails delivery problems
    • Set up peer-to-peer network or server-client network
    • Troubleshoot slow Internet or wireless problem
    • Help to set up remote access so that you can work remotely
    • Install wireless modem routers, access points, network switches
    • Extend your wireless network coverage
    • Install Google, Amazon, Apple and other brand Cloud Devices

  • Data Recovery, Transfer & Backup Services
    • Recover data from damaged hard drives & SSD
    • Recover data from failed USB flash drive, USB external hard drive
    • Recover accidentally deleted files or folders
    • Recover data from non-working computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Apple computers, servers
    • Save data from virus-infected computers and laptops
    • Recover from ransomware attacks
    • Help to set up automatic backups
    • Install cloud backup and remote backup solutions

  • Cloud Storage & Data Security Services
    • Setup & organise Cloud Solution personalised for you
    • Synchronise contacts, emails and files accross all devices
    • Prevent ransomware attacks
    • Sync your mobile phone, tablet and computers altogether
    • Protect, encrypt and store important files
    • Destroy data so it’s unrecoverable
    • Setup & migrate data using virtual environments

  • Servers & Maintenance
    • Install & configure a file server
    • Local solution and remote cloud solution
    • Private cloud storage solutions
    • Configure file sharing across your network
    • Customise file sharing access
    • Set up network printers, connect to servers and client computers
    • Set up Networked Attached Storage (NAS) server
    • Configure RAID for data redundancy
    • Setup, installation and support for both Windows and Linux servers
    • Setup virtual environments
    • Maintain existing infrastructure
    • Test, configure and install backup solutions