Sure Can Do
Mobile Phone & Tablets

We always focus on getting your important data back in a safe and professional way.

We specialise in recovering data from damaged or faulty Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy.

If your phone suddenly stopped working or has suffered some accidental damage of any kind, there is a very good chance we can. We can recover all data from in more than 95% of cases including:

* Liquid damage (toilet, drinks, swimming pool, salt water, washing machine..etc).
* Will not power on
* Unable to charge
* Cracked/smashed screen
* Physical damage
* Broken connector
* Corrupted operating system
* No longer working after a software update/failed update.
* Apple devices that show a cable and iTunes logo.
* Corrupt iTunes backup (We can extract the contents for you)
* iTunes backup file asking for a password (Encrypted) – We can extract the contents for you without the password.
* Extracting an encrypted iTunes backup file
* PIN/Passcode removal on some models of phones. Proof of ownership must be provided, we will only do this for the real owner of the phone.