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AF-NxN – Multi-Gigabit Throughput

Introducing the airFiber NxN, a thoughtfully engineered MIMO multiplexer that increases the amazing throughput of your airFiber link by up to 400%, while simultaneously establishing redundancy without the need of additional antennas.

The airFiber NxN is a scalable MIMO multiplexer that combines multiple airFiber 5X radios on a single dish antenna for superior noise immunity performance, redundancy, and multi-Gigabit throughput.

Upgrading a 5 GHz airMAX? or airFiber link is fast and easy. Simply attach the airFiber NxN to the fast-mount on the antenna and connect the RF cables.

?8×8 MIMO
?Multiplex (4) airFiber 5X radios*
?Aggregate Throughput up to 2+ Gbps
?Up to 3 Redundant Link

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Dimensions375 × 232 × 90 cm

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